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Whitlingham Water Activity Centre, designed by Snell Associates, photo © Paul Riddle

Architecture Week provides an important opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy, explore and raise their expectations of contemporary architecture; and to find ways to improve the built environment.

Wherever you live in the East of England, and whatever aspect of architecture and the built environment you're most interested in, we hope the events, exhibitions, talks, walks and workshops in this guide will give you a chance to celebrate the beautiful, ingenious, quirky, dramatic, intimate and historic buildings in the region.

Highlight events

Art, Architecture And The Collapse Of Civilization As We Do Not Know It.

An Art & Architecture exhibition by State of Design and Forests Monitor, highlighting the growing importance of ethical and judicious specification of materials in architecture. Dramatic photography & artwork by local artists show the effects of uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources on our environments and explore the role of art in promoting environmental issues.

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Re-cycling Buildings For A Carbon Neutral Future

AC Architects Cambridge Ltd invite you to join them for an Architour of their newly re-cycled sustainable office building.

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Children's Drawing Competition

Freeland Rees Roberts Architects and My Little Artist have organised a drawing competition with local primary schools. The winning drawings will be exhibited during Architecture Week. The winning children's drawings will be collated by Lorraine Penney to create a cityscape canvas of Cambridge architecture. Canvasses will be unveiled and winners announced at our practice on Friday 16th June.

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