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logo for podwalks section Take yourself on an Architecture Week podwalk or listen to a podtalk. Download them onto your mp3 player and enjoy your own, private guided tour or talk. Alternatively, you can listen to the commentary and imagine walking through the landscape. Either way, this is a great way to find out more about some of the UK's most beautiful places.

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Talk: 'Outside/In: architecture, psychoanalysis and spaces in-between' at the Freud Museum To explore relationships between psychoanalytic theory and practice, art and architecture. How do the spaces we inhabit make us feel? Do the spatial qualities of art and architecture influence the ways in which we live? What kinds of spaces do psychoanalysts and therapists encounter when working with the inner life of the psyche? How do our dreams and emotions influence our creative impulses and desire to design.

Image of Freud's chairThese questions and others were discussed by a distinguished diverse panel: Steve Pile, Faye Carey, Sharon Kivland and Lorens Holm, chaired by Jane Rendell.

This talk took place on the 20th of June 2006.

See the Outside/In event details page for more information.

Duration: 1 hour 10 mins

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Ben Cummins Audio Paths in Elephant and Castle Over the past few weeks artist Ben Cummins has designed an audio route around and about Elephant and Castle. His route has taken shape by approaching folk with mic in hand. And now he invites you to come and experience the multi-layered tale of the Elephant on 23 June at 7pm. It will reshape the way you look at architecture!


image by artist Ben Cummins Starting point: London Road exit of Elephant and Castle underground station

Finishing Point: Circular route

Terrain: Easy. Not suitable for wheelchair users

Duration: 1 hour approximately

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Michèle Noach South Bank to Covent Garden Podwalk Artist Michèle Noach takes you from the monumental South Bank Centre to the minute Phoenix Gardens in the heart of Covent garden, via Waterloo Bridge and Seven Dials, and ponders the benefits of moss and waterproof trousers.

In 2004 Michèle went to the High Arctic as part of the Cape Farewell expedition. Her work can be seen at the Natural History Museum's The Ship: The Art of Climate Change exhibition until September 2006.

image by artist michele noach Starting point: National Film Theatre

Finishing Point: Phoenix Gardens

Terrain: Easy. Suitable for wheelchair users

Duration: 45 minutes

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Wayne Hemingway Thames Gateway Podwalk 'This, to me, is the Thames in all its enormous beauty'

Join designer Wayne Hemingway as he guides you along a spectacular part of the Thames, past mounds of shingle, under the magnificent Dartford bridge, over rediscovered Victorian cobbles and into the heart of the first of the major new regeneration schemes planned for the Thames Gateway.

Photo of Wayne Hemingway, Thames Foreshore, Dartford, KentStarting point: Greenhithe Station

Finishing Point: Greenhithe or Dartford Station

Terrain: Easy. Not suitable for wheelchair users

Duration: 2-3 hours

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The Architecture Crew Investigates The Architecture Crew is a new creative forum in Newham for young people aged 13-19, organised by Fundamental Architectural Inclusion. This June the Architecture Crew went on an investigative tour of their locality. This podcast has three sections:

photo of the Architecture Crew 1. Holden Point
A unique opportunity to view the London 2012 site from the top of a stratford tower block, usually reserved for dignitaries

2. Journey on new branch of the Docklands Light Railway to Thames Barrier Park

3. Boxley Street
A meeting with Architect Cany Ash and residents of the Boxley Street affordable housing project.

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Richard Rogers Partnership: Buildings in the City of London Podwalk A short tour through the City of London past key buildings by the Richard Rogers Partnership with the personal views of some of the architects who designed them.

3510 Leadenhall Street, copyright Richard Rogers Partners Starting point: St Paul's Underground station
Finishing Point: Tower Hill Underground station

Terrain: Easy, but some parts may not be suitable for wheelchair users

Duration: 1-2 hours

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Bristol Blitzed Architectural Walking Tour Bristol Blitzed gives a fascinating insight into pre-war Bristol and its post war development. It is an architectural walking trail of the city centre which explores the impact of WW2 bombing raids on the built environment. It is accompanied by oral history quotes from residents of the city, who survived the Blitz. The trail was developed by the Architecture Centre, Bristol and Bristol's Museums, Galleries and Archives. For more information visit the website www.bristolblitzed.org.uk.

To download the Podwalk, click the right hand side of your mouse and you will get the option to "Save Target As..." or "Save Link as.." - this will allow you to save the mp3 file onto your computer.