Architecture week for kids activities
Log Your Block

Here's an activity to do offline.
Here's how:
Print out this sheet then take me for a walk where you live, either round the block or up and down the street.
You'll need:
  • this worksheet
  • something to write with
  • something to write on
Answer the questions and log what you find on this sheet.
I'd love to hear about what you discover so please send it back to me when you're finished.

The best Archie walker wins a cool Archie t-shirt!
Make a building out of food
Find the matching pairs
Guess the building
Help me build a home
Where do you live?
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Your name: ______________________ Age:_______________

A log of: ________________________ (name the area you have logged)

How many different kinds of buildings can you count? ____

List what they are used for ____________________________________

List all the different materials they are made of

How many front doors can you see? _____

List what colours they are __________________________________

How many different kinds of transport can you see? _____________________________

How many different creatures can you see? ____

List what they are (Dogs rule ok!) __________________________________

How many road signs can you count? ____

Describe the nicest thing you experienced on your walk

Describe what you would like to change about your block

Describe what is special about living where you do

I'd love to hear about what you discover so please send your log back to me at Archie Competition, Architecture Week, The Arts Council, Great Peter Street, London SW1

Write your address here___________________________________

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