Feature:Mocha-choca latte with a sprinkle of architecture please

Architecture, you either love it or hate it – is that a view you share about architecture in the North East? Is there a particular building that brings joy to your life or riles you enough to make your blood boil? xsite architecture in association with Architecture Week 2006 would like to invite people to air their views about their particular likes and dislikes of architecture in the region. Talking to Strangers is an event that offers people the chance to have an informal discussion with an architect over a cappuccino, bringing to the table good and bad examples of buildings.

Talking to Strangers aims to pose a number of challenging questions including: is the North East of England a good place to set up home and do you feel architects and developers actually meet the needs and aspirations you desire of them? The 2 hour free event takes place on Saturday 17 June at Paradiso – Café Bar Restaurant in Newcastle commencing at 11:00.

Christoph Oschatz of xsite architecture said: “People hold different views when it comes to architecture and especially when looking at their own home. We want people to bring along their favourite images, books or photographs that really encapsulate their personal views on architecture. We promise if they bring theirs we’ll bring ours.”

Talking to Strangers will also look at what inspires the ‘average’ architect and what architectural aspects are right for the wider environment and society.