Feature:Technology brings the people of Tees Valley closer to architecture

A Virtual Tour of Darlington

Technology now enables our generation to go places and experience new challenges without even stepping outside the security of our own home. This creative concept is being developed and investigated by a group of twenty people from Tees Valley, as they produce a Virtual Tour of Darlington on 20 June during Architecture Week.

Artist Anton Hecht will lead 2 workshops where people will film architecture, signage and sounds – to generate a creative reflection of Darlington. The creators will then produce a multimedia film of themselves inside the virtual tour of the town. The project is linked to a poetry film exhibition by Hecht being shown at the Myles Meehan Gallery in Darlington entitled Falling Down – a piece of work that looks at bodies and local architecture in relation to a specially commissioned poem by writer Kevin Cadwallender.

Anton Hecht (39) talks about how he hopes the Virtual Tour project will be accepted by the viewing public. He said: “I hope this project allows people to experience the local town anew. It would be nice to think after experiencing the buildings in the virtual world, they would hunt them out around the town.”

Anton talks of the importance of national campaigns like Architecture Week 2006. He states: “I think that such events are very important, because they act like a focal lens bringing into focus buildings and structures that people may have only glimpsed as a blur as they go about their daily lives.”

Falling Down is at the Myles Meehan Gallery of the Darlington Arts Centre until 20th July and look out for future showings of the Virtual Tour of Darlington.

For further information about the Darlington Arts Centre please visit - www.darlingtonarts.co.uk