Feature:Wayne Hemingway Demands More (2004)

Wayne Hemingway 

There are some important passages and milestones in life; the first steps of a toddler, the first kick of a football, the first time you spill something on your mums new sheepskin rug. Many of our memories are wrapped up in our homes, after our flesh and blood it's where we invest our greatest emotional capital as well as where most of us invest most of our financial capital. Yet research shows that many put more care into choosing and planning where they want to go on holiday than they do into planning where they want to live and choosing the home they want to live in. And it doesn't take much research to see that a fair few house builders don't put as much care into providing us with the wonderful housing developments that we deserve.

What we have to start doing is demanding more, raising expectations and coercing the house builders who have stubbornly refused to become customer focused to understand that they owe us well designed, carefully planned and expertly delivered homes with an aftercare service that rivals the best car dealers.

If like me, you want to step out of your front door into a wonderfully landscaped streetscape, where you can have a chance to say hello to your neighbours rather than step into a sea of tarmac full of cars ...

....if you want a communal areas to have a kick about with your kids or your mates,

....if you want a play area to discuss the vagaries of parenthood

....if you want a well designed home that is so much more than an identikit rabbit hutch

....if you want a choice of interior layouts, a choice of kitchens, sensible radiator positioning, an efficient after sales service

We expect great design, great product and wonderful service at all levels of the market whether it be the high street, the supermarket, the car showroom. We get great products for the inside and the outside of our homes at all price levels ...its about time we got it at every level in the purchasing of our homes.

If the house builders don't live up to your expectations then tell them and live in a caravan or do up that old terrace house ....don't just accept a roof over your head when it comes to the most important purchase you will ever make

For help, guidance and good examples of new housing visit www.buildingforlife.org

Wayne Hemingway
Architecture Week Patron
Chair of Building for Life