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Activity Summaries
We've collaborated with teachers to develop a range of creative, practical and fun activities that are designed to offer experiences that enable young people to connect with their surroundings and develop a sense of place. Each includes printable or downloadable stimuli, images, links to the National Curriculum, and simple 'how to...' instructions. The aim is to engage children in a range of learning experiences that explore all aspects of the built environment in school during Architecture Week; buildings, people and the spaces in between.
The built environment is a rich, multi-faceted and free resource. It encompasses old, new, past and present and can be found in and around every school; in the classroom, the playground and the locality.
"The children thoroughly enjoyed the project and got so much out of it. It fulfilled aspects of the D&T curriculum and there were lots of opportunities for cross-curricular links. The children loved working as a team and had to collaborate at every stage of the process."

Activities realised by Catherine Williamson [email protected]