Education Section
activity: the streetThe Street
A playground or classroom activity for key stage 1
Pupils identify the elements that make up a street, create a street and participate in considering the needs of a community. They consider different viewpoints, the smells and sounds of a street, the range of building materials used and means of navigating a street.
Subject focus Geography. Links with Art & design, D&T and Citizenship.
A classroom investigation and recording activity for key stage 1 & 2
Using differentiated worksheets, pupils investigate their classroom environment.
Subject focus IT data handling. Links with Art and design and Science.
Treasure Hunt
A playground investigation and recording activity for key stage 1 & 2
Playgrounds are familiar places. They are made up of many details: surfaces, textures, shapes, patterns, details, forms, colours, smells, and sounds. The activity involves investigating and mapping the characteristics of a place.
Links with Geography and Art & design
What is your school made of?
An assembly or circle time activity for key stage 1 & 2
Celebrate school by acknowledging significant places, people and associations relating to place. Each child can participate by contributing their ideas through discussion and recording one on an image of a brick. The bricks are gathered and assembled to celebrate school and form a wall of ideas, associations and feelings.
Subject focus Citizenship
Build a Structure
A playground/school hall/classroom construction activity for key stage 2
Each class member makes a triangular unit which when combined forms a three-dimensional modular structure. The teamwork activity references architectural structures that use the same modular principal: The Eden Project, The Great Court and Buckminster Fuller's invention the Geodesic Dome.
Subject focus D&T. Links with Science, Numeracy and Citizenship
Mapping the streets
A playground/school hall activity for key stage 2
Pupils compare maps past and present and identify changes that have taken place in local street patterns. They explore what it might have been like to live in the streets. The activity involves pupils marking out the old street patterns and engaging the local community in acknowledging the past.
Subject focus Geography. Links with Literacy, Numeracy, History and Citizenship
Make Buildings
A classroom collage activity for key stage 2
An introduction to the evolution of architectural styles. A simple activity to consider how building techniques and materials have changed over time and have revolutionised how buildings look. Pupils use a collage techniques to mix styles and create their own hybrid buildings.
Subject focus Art & design. Links with History and D&T
The Estate
A classroom activity, and Humanities and Art & design resource for key stage 2 & 3
Pupils investigate the significance of personal places. Using a photographic resource - a series of 15 images of people in their high-rise homes - they can investigate and celebrate difference; living styles, cultural and personal identity. The images are supported with background information on the people and locality.
Subject focus Geography and Citizenship. Links with Art & design and PSHE
A classroom activity and resource for key stage 2 & 3
A look at how our understanding of interior design, architecture and landscape is shaped by the logic and style of commercial catalogues. Includes references to contemporary artists' work and Add-Text: free downloadable software that adds an interactive dialogue to an image.
Subject focus Art & design and IT. Add-Text can support all subject areas.