Architecture Week 1997 - 2004

images from past aw events

"Architecture doesn't really matter, of course. I mean, not in the way that life and death, NHS waiting lists, global warming and Middle East politics matter. It won't kill you, feed you, make the 8.23 from Sutton Coldfield run on time. Mind you neither will Mozart, reading a book or shaking your thang to Britney Spears on Top of the Pops. That's not the point. It's not here to pay bills, solve world peace and make your life more efficient. It's here to give your life oomph. That's what architecture should do, whether its Tate Modern or the shed in your back garden. It should make you swoon, gasp, double take, go cor, bloody hell. If it doesn't, life just becomes that little bit more dreary. Architecture Week should help you sort the oomph from the eeuugh."
Tom Dyckhoff (then The Guardian, now The Times)

Architecture Week is the annual national public celebration of contemporary architecture that first started in 1997. The Week explores architecture and the built environment via the arts and culture in an entertaining and informative way. The Week includes walks, talks, tours, maps, events, visits to new buildings and architects' practices, exhibitions, family and children's activities, films and picnics. Architecture Week is an Arts Council England and Royal Institute of British Architects initiative in association with the Architecture Centre Network.