Get the Best from Your Architect

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We are all familiar with images of art, design and interior decoration but somehow architecture, arguably the grand daddy of them all, gets forgotten. We tend to overlook the fact that architecture surrounds us from the moment that we wake up until we go to sleep again, at home, on our journey to work, in our offices and in the places that we play.

Architecture has the power to affect our emotions, to inspire and to excite us - think of The Eiffel Tower, St Paul's Cathedral, the Empire State Building. Architecture is so much more than just shelter, it is fundamental to the way that we experience and enjoy our everyday lives. So, we teamed up with Arts Council England to celebrate Architecture Week, the annual celebration of all that is wonderful about architecture, with the publication of this booklet - your essential passport to discover what an architect could do for you.

Bringing Architecture Home image Download the pdf file above, and we will show you that architecture can be versatile, adaptable ingenious, dynamic, fantastical and even revolutionary but most of all relevant to you and your home through a series of case studies - from modern make-over to a whole home in a box! And once you're inspired we take you step by step through the process of actually finding and hiring an architect so that your dreams can come true.